Design-2-Part Supplier Directory

The premier directory of quality North American manufacturers, published annually by Design-2-Part magazine.



Total Hard Copy Distribution: 45,000+ OEM Engineering & Purchasing Personnel
Distribution Breakdown:

  • 25,000 copies – Mailed to all OEMs who have subscribed to Design-2-Part Magazine in the past 18 months
  • 15,000-plus copies – Bonus distribution at each of our 11 Design-2-Part Shows
  • 5,000-plus copies – Bonus distribution at our Partner Shows

Design-2-Part Supplier Directory Advertisers get:

  • Free display ad design
  • Display ad placed within one or more of your major service categories
  • Colored expanded listing
  • Listing in up to four categories
  • 35 word write-up in your major service categories
  • Year-long Priority Profile on

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