Design-2-Part’s Integrated Marketing Program

Customizing these components, Design-2-Part will create an integrated marketing campaign tailor-made for your company.

Custom OEM Names Databases

Qualifying customers of Design-2-Part receive a list of direct mail names custom-selected for territory and needs. Use your list to target direct mail campaigns or email broadcasts. For a sample, click here.

Digital Marketing

Design-2-Part has digital editions of our magazine and show programs. These e-ditions have live email and website links and are compatible with all devices.

Direct Marketing

Qualifying customers of Design-2-Part receive postcards created from their ad designs.

Sales & Marketing Strategy & Training

Sometimes the best marketing solution is a combination of strategies, and it can get overwhelming. Never fear; Design-2-Part Media has the expertise to guide you. We offer custom, focused sales and marketing strategies, plus sales and marketing training programs.

Electronic Marketing

Qualifying customers of Design-2-Part receive an electronic version of their ad to use for internal marketing initiatives such as posting on their website, sending as email attachments and printing out for distribution at events.

Print Marketing

For over 45 years we have published the premier sources in the industry: Design-2-Part Magazine (8 regional issues/year), the annual Design-2-Part Supplier Directory, and Design-2-Part Show Programs.

For details about our integrated marketing strategies, email or call Dennis at 800-317-0474 x128.